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Our Story

At the great lodge that is Timbers Bachelor Gulch are the echoes of the pioneering spirit of the American West. Indeed, the mountains of Colorado are rich in history and lore, and among the most colorful is that of the curiously named Bachelor Gulch. The early story centers around seven miners who arrived at the turn of the last century. The prospectors lived in modest cabins that are today settings for very special gatherings above the Club. Tucked in the groves of aspen and pine, the cabins remain as they were 100-years ago – a home to warm fires, hearty fare and lively conversation between guests passing through.

The Timbers Bachelor Gulch lodge is an inspiration drawn from America’s national parks – the heavily timbered lodging that welcomed wayfaring travelers. Like here, these were warm and inviting respites set at the heart of our nation’s most spectacular natural landscapes. Informed by these grand dames, as well as the legends of the bachelors inspired a new take on the pioneering west: the rock-lined walls of the three-story great rooms with soaring fireplaces, and everywhere massive hand-hewn timbers and stone floors. All set the stage for festive and truly memorable gatherings.

Upstairs, the experience changes from the rugged to the decidedly luxurious ensuite accommodations that offer panoramic views of forests, slopes and the valley beyond. Every amenity and convenience is at hand, a most comfortable lifestyle that the bachelors would have much appreciated.

Managed and operated by Timbers Resorts, and fully renovated in 2015, this club has elevated mountain living in Colorado.


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